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 I have had my custom wig for almost 2 months and it is absolutely gorgeous. The fit is perfect, the color is spectacular and the hair quality is superb. I’ve washed it several times and it’s as silky and shiny as the day I got it. The price was unbelievably affordable and customer service is stellar. Kristina was so patient in answering all of my questions and dealing with my anxiety surrounding ordering a custom piece. I recommend this hair to everyone looking to buy hair!!!"

Melissa E.

 Kristina is absolutely amazing. She answered all my questions and more and was very helpful through the process. And I had a TON of questions, but she is very patient and kind. I custom ordered a piece and it was perfect. The cap was well made and a stretchy handtied fabric that was breathable in Texas summers. The silk parting was very natural and the rim layed flat for blending. Hair was great, had a beautiful curl to it that lasted for several weeks. The piece didn't work out for me because I needed a lace front and didn't have much to blend, but there's a lucky lady out there who gets to experience how great Ethereal pieces are."

Francheska H.

 I really enjoyed working with Kristina to build my perfect wig. I was able to be a part of every aspect from cap to add ons that I knew I wanted but were kinda unusual. I have quite a few hair pieces and my Ethereal is by far my favorite. I will definitely be ordering another one soon! If you are on the fence, don’t be. There is no one I have trusted enough in the past to make a custom piece and I am so glad I found Kristina because she is such an amazing person and she understands how important the process is and what a hair piece can do for someone's confidence. Thank you again."

Jessica C.

 Just want to say thank you! It’s been 3 months with my topper. I remember I got it for Mother’s Day as a treat to myself. I’m constantly watching your page for a longer one for my wedding in 2021 😂🙌🏼 You are the reason I get to walk around with a smile on my face, no longer having to cover up my bald spots and feel I secure that someone can see them. If I could tell everyone to buy a topper from you whether they need it or not I would ♥️ I wash it like my own hair every other day and it’s still good as new! I’ve even lightened the ends have had zero shed. You’re amazing!"

Angela D.

 My first pony wig and it is incredibly comfy!!! My second purchase from Ethereal Hair and I’m definitely a happy customer!!! Thank you Kristina Marie for your speedy service and beautiful product! It’s survived the beach, nursing in the operating room and running errands....I’m loving it 💕"

Emily D.

 I am absolutely in love!!! I have to get it cut to suit me but the hair and hair quality are to die for!!! Thank you so much. Once I have it cut I will send some pics. :)"

A H.

 The Slavic wig is gorgeous!!!! The hair feels exactly like my own bio hair it’s so fine. This is definitely the show stopper piece in my collection. It’s so Erika Jayne from RHOBH. I finally got my spot on bombshell blonde.... ....This Blonde is next level because she is certified SLAVIC hair and I absolutely ❤️ her. I own several toppers and wigs but this beauty is the prize of my collection. She is a gorgeous platinum rooted wig from Ethereal Hair. Thank you so much Kristina Marie you do amazing blondes."

Jeanne S.

 Hello Lovely. Just wanted to send a quick Thank You. My topper arrived. Super Speedy Delivery and wow is she gorgeous. I can't wait to replace the raccoon I am now wearing with my new lush locks! 😂😂😂 Thanks so much, will be keeping an eye out for another. Have a great day!"

Sarah M.

 I love my Ethereal Hair Topper! Hair is soft as butter, and beautiful right out of the box. Her packaging is beautiful and her customer service is fantastic. She replies so promptly and answers any and all questions you’ve got and is so helpful with color matching. Great quality piece, and exceptional customer service. Will be a repeat customer. Thanks Ethereal for making my hair dreams come true! ❤️💜😍"

Amanda K.

 Hi there Kristina! Just a quick note that I love the topper! Its beautiful! And the velcro is amazing! You really should consider bringing more pieces in with velcro! Thank you so much for carrying such gorgeous toppers & wigs! You have won a happy client/customer and I WILL be back for more! Sending Warm Hugs!"

Karen C.

 As promised! A picture wearing my topper. I wanted to style it first! I am so in love with it! Matches my bio hair and it is so soft and beautiful when the light hits it!!.I am in love!! ❤❤❤.... .... I have been stalking human hair toppers on Instagram for a while and stumbled upon a picture of this one last week and decided to take a leap of faith!! The hair is dreamy! Can't stop touching it! Very good quality, coloring and was packaged very beautifully and shipped quickly! Can't wait to get another! ❤❤"

Irma M.

 Got my second topper today and I am in LOVE! This one is from Ethereal Hair so soft and shiny. Also lots of hair but it’s so light it doesn’t feel like 120 density. If you’re looking for good quality and affordable prices this is the way to go. It also had pre cut layers and makes it look so natural 😍 I will be dying my hair to match the lighter brown."

Angie N.

 OMG... I just opened my package, she’s stunning! I wish I would have heard about Ethereal Hair sooner, makes me sick to think about how much money I’ve wasted. Thank you for actually providing the quality and beauty you advertise, I am now and will always be a customer for life! I almost forgot to mention the packaging and detail inside out is beautiful as well."

Rachelle S.

 I started talking to Kristina at Ethereal. I was still confused about appropriate cap size, kind of hair, density and all the options that are offered. Ya'll, this woman is amazing and very patient. She answered all my questions and then some, with kindness and respect. Never pushy or impatient. I am now the proud owner of this incredible piece. Amazing is an understatement, the kind of hair I could only dream of having. It even smells like heaven 😂 The construction of the piece is perfection and the quality of this hair is like none other I've ever seen. You can run your fingers through it like butter. I was so scared to make a big purchase on helper hair. I have two small kids and have a hard time justifying a $20 pair of shoes. If you are starting your topper journey or are a seasoned owner, you have got to give this woman a try. She will not disappoint!! I appreciate good customer service, but Kristina really goes above and beyond to help before you make your decision. Ethereal Hair Toppers, look them up!!"

Mikala B.

 I wear this piece every day wash it twice a week and it’s still shiny and soft as if I just got it!"

Angie N.

 I LOVE my topper!!! The left was out of the box and the right was after a few curls added. I still need to color my bio hair to match a little better and might cut a few layers but I love it!!! Your customer service was fantastic and I am grateful for such beautiful hair!!! Thank you SO so much!!!"

Emily D.

 Just wanted to tell you I'm loving the topper so far! It is so comfortable and thin! Will be using it for bridesmaid hair in a couple months so will send pics! Also how do you get that beautiful curl at the bottom of the hair?"

Michelle W.

 I've tried many brands of helper hair and this is definitely a good product for a good price! The hair is very soft, the scalp is extremely realistic, the cap is super comfortable. Excellent customer service. Good return policy. I highly recommend Ethereal!"

Broose D.

 Shout out to Ethereal Hair Toppers for making this piece work for me. When I first got it the color didn't match, but Kristina went above and beyond to make it work. This topper lays super flat and although there is a lot of hair it's super light. I was able to put it up in a high bun and did not pull my bio hair at all. I highly recommend her. She truly is the best."

Angie N.

 You have been more than great!! Patient, kind, understanding .... That topper was beautiful .... Its ok .... From what I hear I have way more frogs to kiss ***not that your topper was a frog, it just was wrong for my head!!"


 Hi Kristina My hair arrived this morning, how super quick was that? & its awesome, I can't thank you enough Once I've had it cut I'll send a photo to show u how great it looks Many thanks Ruthie x"

Ruth H.

 This lightweight topper is a great summer look for me as a curly haired girl. It is hard to blend a straight topper unless it has a very high density (which gets hot in the summer.). This one is a close match to my color and curl which allows me to wash and go. What you see now is the topper actually drying on my head along with my own curls. It isn't a ton of hair, so not a super glamorous look, but I'd say a realistic, low maintenance, mom on the go look. Different pieces serve different purposes for me and this one definitely get a thumbs up for an easy summer wash and go look."

Jen S.

 So I actually just put it on and... OMG it’s the perfect colour and it’s sooo beautifully soft!!! I just wish it was longer I have to cut my bio hair but that’s ok! I’d rather compromise length over colour. Your packaging is so elegant and gives such a lovely and high quality impression. It also smells wonderful. Thank you again."

Michelle L.

 I just wanted to let you know that I love my topper! Thank you so much. I just need to get used to myself with hair lol."

Jen Z.

 I just received my wig. OMG I love it! It is so different from synthetics. I feel like a normal person with it on. Synthetics are nice, but not like this. I lost my hair because I have an autoimmune disease, and this is the first time since my hair started falling out that I have felt like I looked normal. It is the perfect color and length for me. Thank you so much."

Melissa C.

 Can't wait!! I've been trying different wigs and haven't found one that I love as much as my first ethereal wig!!"

Stephanie S.

 Just wanted to say Thank you! It's been 3 months with my topper. I remember I got it for Mother's Day as a treat to myself. I'm constantly watching your page for a longer one for my wedding in 2021. You are the reason I get to walk around with a smile on my face, no longer having to cover up my bald spots and feel insecure that someone can see them. If I could tell everyone to buy a topper from you whether they need it or not I would. I wash it like my own hair every other day and it's still good as new! I've even lightened the ends and have had zero shed. You're amazing!!"

Angela R.

 Your work is impeccable and your prices are attainable even for a single mama like me, especially when I can pay using your incredible payment options!!!"

Crystal K.

 I love my Ethereal Hair Topper! Hair is soft as butter, and beautiful right out of the box. Her packaging is beautiful and her customer service is fantastic. She replies so promptly and answers any and all questions you've got and is so helpful with color matching. Great quality piece, and exceptional customer service. Will be a repeat customer. Thanks Ethereal for making my hair dreams come true!"


 Oh my goodness! You shipped that new wig so fast! I already got it this morning and love it!!! The lace is perfect and the part looks so real! You 're amazing. And your prices are killer."

R J.

 I have never gotten this many compliments on a wig before! People can't believe that the hairline really isn't mine! I literally have to lift it off of my head to prove to them! LOL"

R J.

 OMG... I just received my package she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! She's light weight and so comfortable on. Your packaging is beautiful as well. I definitely will be a customer for life. You have changed my life, I can not thank you enough!!"

M D.

 Love it! This is the wavy brown wig. I loooove it. Had bangs cut and the color darkened since the original color ended up not suiting me. It's beautiful and soft and so comfortable!!"

Lauren M.

 Hello Kristina, I finally got my new hair... I love it! The color and quality of wig is just beautiful and looks so realistic... I am so happy. I will try to send you a photo in a few days :) Thank You!"

Marie S.

 The cap size is nice too This quality and your prices, I'm gonna be ordering often! Thank you!"

Karie T.

 Hi Kristine, I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. My stylist helped me with parts etc. and my wig looks gorgeous. My 25 yr old daughter says she is jealous of my hair, and she really means it. Can I post pictures and a wonderful testimonial? I am flying tomorrow, but if it is okay i could post Friday, it is stunning. I sat in my car today with it on and cried. Thanks for your professionalism , for your high quality product at an affordable price and going way out of your way to help me."

Lesa P.

 Awesome! Thank you! I imagine it is. My other piece from you was also virgin and is still THE best Hair I've owned to date ... unbelievably healthy"

R B.

 I bought a bronde topper from you several weeks back and just wanted to tell you how beautiful it is. I'm just now getting around to getting bangs cut into it because my alopecia is pretty bad at my hairline. The hairstylist, who specializes in doing hair for people with hair loss (she has seen a lot of hair pieces for the past four decades), remarked how gorgeous the hair is. I really can't express how much I love the color, I've been searching and searching for a medium brown hair with blonde highlights and I just happened upon your page and immediately knew this was the one. I also love all the clips in it, I find there are never enough clips in toppers to grab my fine, thin hair. This makes it SO much more comfortable to wear. Thanks so much!"


 I received the amazing wig today - the color and highlighting are off the charts!! Unfortunately, it is too dark for me - I was hoping the highlighting would off set the darkness of the base, but it was too much dark on the top of my head. I was really shocked at how nice the hair was, how it was not a huge glob of hair like some I have seen, and how nice and natural the lace top was. I think from now on, I will only look at your pieces that have a lace top - much more realistic!"


 I just received my wig. It has to be the most realistic piece I own. Thank you so much. I don't know how your brand is not more popular considering how beautiful your pieces are. I will send you some pictures with it on. It's so light and just gorgeous. Wore it out of the box yesterday to a play and felt like a million bucks"

Alina S.

 Thank you so much! This is the most beautiful hair I've ever had! I feel like myself again. It is perfect! Thank you again"

A B.

 I don't know if it has to do with how you order your pieces from manufactures, but once again, I am completely blown away at the quality of the wig I just bought from you! The hair is exquisite, and definitely feels virgin. I cannot stop touching it! It's so soft and super healthy. The cap is also very well constructed. I was removing the front comb, as I do for most pieces, and the workmanship even in the stitching was so tight and high quality. I almost thought not to remove it. Nice job, again Kristina! Thanks for providing such great pieces!"

R B.

 Thank you so much for helping me with this BRONDE topper!!! I am preparing myself for continued hair loss and it's helping me cope with the sadness and depression that goes along with hair loss as we all know. The hair is soft, luxurious and feels amazing!!! I recommend ethereal hair and Kristina for an affordable and high quality hair!!! Thank you so much!!!!"

Danielle R.

 Hello!! Im sorry for not sending this sooner, but I wanted to sincerely thank you for all your help in selecting a wig and for the amazing quality!! I am so in love with the piece! It is very soft, silky, realistic, and I can't stop wearing it! I think I may need a little alteration done to it as it is a bit baggy/bulky in the back because I have the tiniest head.. but even so I LOVE wearing it! I can't wait to get more haha!! I also loved the gifts you sent! Thank you so much! You are such an amazing person!!!"

Afroze Q.

 Hi Thank you so much 😊 for showing me !!!!! You’re so super sweet Honestly, there is NO ONE out there that is so patient and eager to help individual woman out. I mean it. But you know, it’s all personality You cannot be this way just for business sake, I’m 100% sure you’re this way always and with everyone day to day !"

Michelle L.

 Enjoying my pony wig. The hair is very nice."

Adrienne C.

 I got my topper yesterday. Took it out fo the box briefly because I had to run out to give some training at work, but loooove the color! And thanks for the scrunchie! OMG and the box is so beautiful. Love it all!! As soon as I get a chance to try it on, will send you pictures. Thanks so much!"

Irma M.

 Received my topper I'm very pleased with it thank you so much. Kelly xx"

Kelly F.

 I am really really pleased with how soft it is. I restyled it myself and it took the curl well. It is denser than my topper because it obviously has more hair but does not feel heavy on my head. I was very very impressed with the customer service at Ethereal. I am very pleased with my purchase, I do strongly recommend Ethereal."

Ary B.

 OMG got it and love the pony wig!!!!! Taking it for a test run today. So comfortable and the hair is silky soft! Thank you"


 Got the topper today, hair is gorgeous!!! Can't wait to color her. Thanks again!!"


 Is there a place on your website for reviews? I'd write one now before even seeing the product, simply from how excellent you've been to deal with! Especially for a newbie with so many questions! I appreciate it more than you know. :)"

Leah H.

 Wonderful experience from beginning to end. She was very helpful answering my questions and made me feel at ease about my insecurities. My topper is absolutely beautiful and this color matches exact without even getting custom. I am extremely happy and would definitely buy from again."

Christina M.

 Hey Kristina, Just got my topper today! It looks amazing I'm so excited to wear it this weekend. Thank you for all your help and your kind understanding for allowing me to make payments in installments. Hopefully, I can reorder from you again in the future. Thank you, Doreen"

Doreen R.

 Just wanted to say I can't believe how wonderfully this piece air dries even after 6 months. I don't even touch it with a flat iron."

Melissa E.

 Brooke is perfection. It's gorgeous... the hair quality is amazing and the color is sooooo beautiful."

Christin C.

 I'll send pictures soon. But I really enjoy this Black Friday wig I got. I'm so happy it's going to get me through until the custom one comes. The hair is so ridiculously soft."

Vanessa P.

 Please don't stop making these beautiful pieces, you are my next purchase!!!! I'm totally obsessed with your pieces!!!! Ahhh!!"


 Just wanted to show you the topper I bought from you during your sale. Love it and its so soft!!!"


 I got VICTORIA!!! This is it !!! This is my colour 1000000% I will search no more! She’s the one that matched my colour EXACTLY !!! Please make me the wig I’ll get back to u on the measurement of head."

Michelle L.

 Aahhhhh!!!! I am freaking out! I love this topper so so much! It's seriously the perfect color! I need to change it to a side part so I don't look like Morticia Adam's (it's a curse with dark hair and pale skin). I AM IN LOVE!!!! The hair is so soft and the topper is so light! You're a magician!"

Chelsee B.

 Hi Kristina, Hope you're well. I wanted you to know that I received the wig and I absolutely love it! It's perfect! I wanted to ask how you achieved those beautiful bouncy curls? Was it just using a large curling iron or something else? Thank You!"


 Absolutely high end hair!!! Stalking your site daily to become a repeat customer!!! Love you!!!"

Danielle R.

 You're very kind to your customers and appreciative! That says a lot about you and it goes a long way!"

Michelle L.

 OMG thank you so much this is that Slavic wig I bought from you in November, it was blonde I colored it and cut bangs!!! The hair is soft and easy to curl, the cap is comfortable and the price was a steal! Look forward to many more pieces from you!"

Karie T.

 Aw, thank you! I haven't felt pretty like that in a long time and a huge reason was my hair. I included the picture where my head was down because the part/scalp is unbelievable!"

K G.

 I just received my new "Victoria" topper and had my hair stylist cut bangs. I'm in love. Cap is 6x7" which is the largest I've worn and it feels awesome! The cap actually has stretchy material so I can manipulate it in ways I can't with my other toppers. It's so amazing! The hair is Uber-soft and thick! BANGS! Yay!!! Love the etherealhairtoppers super-cool box/packaging! Love it! Go to her site and check them out! You won't be disappointed. The quality is fantastic!!"

Kristen H.

 I love my Ethereal Hair toppers. I have worn them for a long time. Love her toppers. They last forever as long as you take care of them."

Deb M.

 I check your site daily, I'm really loving my ethereal wig! I've been wearing her just about a month now and get compliments just about daily on my "hair". I did take off a bit of length, it was originally 26 inches, I would love another dark warm blonde around 16 inches so I can rotate/have a back up."

Vicki G.

 So I love the cap it fits perfect and the color is amazing!! Hair is soft and holding curl and the best part is the baby hairs they blend that front perfect!"

Karie T.

 Victoria is gorgeous! She is the perfect match for my bio hair down to the shadow root color and the blonde. I can literally just put her on and go! Thank you"


 Hi Kristina! I wanted to say I’m totally in love with “Helena”. Sorry about the makeup free look, but I couldn’t get over how quickly the package arrived and I just had to try her on. It’s pretty much out of the box with a quick side part put in place. Like the other piece I bought from you last year, this piece is amazingly soft and I just love the cut! I have a funny feeling that once this piece is worn out, I’ll be coming back to you for another one. Beautiful piece! Thanks so much and keep up the great work! Lyn"

Lyn S.

 Hi there! I Love HAZEL!! The color is amazing and the hair is soft. The cap size was a perfect fit too. I took pictures of her on my hand and... VAVAVOOM! Straight out of the box, this girl is already a movie star! I'll be adding some face framing layers and take more pictures for you. I'm happy with my purchase. It makes me feel like myself again, but with a whole lotta more spiciness!"

Genevieve K.

 Do you wash or condition the pieces with anything in particular? It's so soft and silky."

A L.

 Ivy came today! She is gorgeous and I love her and she fits fine! And I love the box and beautiful clip. Made me so happy."

Lynette S.

 This hair! 2nd wash and WOW! Even long time wig wearers can not tell this isn't my grown hair from my scalp! I don't know what I will do when it wears out lol. It has the perfect wave, even lose spirals. Love isn't enough of a word to describe it. Anyway! I had to brag on you today! This piece has made my life!! Thank you so much for the work you do!!"



What is your RETURN POLICY?

Updated and Effective July 1, 2019:
Ethereal Hair Return/Exchange Policy (Stock Pieces ONLY)
In order to maintain the highest level of quality for returned pieces while providing the most flexible experience for our clients, we offer a 3 Day Return/Exchange window for you to try on your Topper/Wig in the comfort of your own home.

In order for your Return/Exchange to be accepted the following conditions apply:

  • All hair pieces must be returned in their original condition. No altering of hair (cut, color, thinning, product or fibers applied, etc.). No altering of cap construction (cutting lace, removing and/or moving combs/clips, etc.).
  • All packaging must be returned in its original condition (boxes, care cards, etc.). If any components are missing or not returned, a $10 fee will be deducted from your refund/store credit.
  • An email must be sent by the 3rd day to requesting the Return/Exchange and a tracking number must be supplied.

Within 3 days, Requests for Exchanges will be honored in the form of store credit to be used on a future purchase. The store credit amount will be 100% of the original purchase price (minus coupons, sales, discounts and original shipping) for your FIRST exchange in that order.  All other exchanges in that same order will be subject to the 15% restocking fee.  You will receive a unique code via email to be used at checkout on a future purchase. Store credit does not expire. Original shipping and return shipping charges will not be refunded.

Within 3 days, Requests for Refunds will be less a 15% restocking fee. Original shipping and return shipping charges will not be refunded. Please allow 2-3 days for credit to be refunded back to the original method of payment and 7-10 days for the credit to appear on your statement or in your account, upon receipt of returned item.

All custom orders and final sale items cannot be Returned or Exchanged.

Is the hair you use HUMAN HAIR?

Yes!  Both our Brazilian and Slavic hair is of the highest quality human remy hair.

What is a TOPPER?

A topper is simply a mini wig that sits only at the top of your head.  It is great for those with moderate hair loss or to add volume to your existing hair.   Because it is not a closed wig, your bio hair is able to move freely and can be seen underneath the topper or blended seamlessly at the hairline.   It is attached by clips, combs or glue/tape via a poly strip.  Our toppers can be customized to your measurements (6x6, 7x8, 8x8, 9x9 or any combination), your cap construction (wefted or hand tied) and your color.

What is considered your AVERAGE DENSITY?

Average Density is considered Medium Density for toppers which is between 120-130%.  Anything lower than 120%, will be considered Light Density.  High Density will be anything over 130%.

Average Density is considered Medium Density for wigs which is between 130-140%. Anything lower than 130%, will be considered Light Density. High Density will be anything over 140%.

Each piece will be clearly marked with its approximate density percentage.

How should I WASH my new hair piece?

Your new hair piece only needs to be washed every 3-4 weeks. However you are free to wash it as often or as little as needed.  Wash by filling a bucket (or sink) with warm water and swirl in some Sulfate Free Shampoo. While keeping one hand on your part; Dip, Swirl, Ring Out, and Repeat. Be sure to completely rinse out shampoo with warm clean water. Empty and Refill your bucket (or sink) again with warm water and swirl in some Sulfate Free Conditioner. Again Dip, Swirl, Ring Out, Repeat. Be sure to completely rinse out conditioner with warm clean water. Keep in mind excess or unrinsed conditioner and/or product will cause hair to tangle more easily. Towel Dry by patting excess water off hair. Carefully comb and allow hair to air dry overnight on a mannequin head.

How long do CUSTOM ORDERS take?

Our custom orders generally average 8-10 weeks once details and payment are finalized.   Due to the complexity of some pieces more time may be required.  Please keep in mind that custom time frames are an approximate date and circumstances may arise that prolong an order.

Can CUSTOM ORDERS be returned or exchanged?

Effective on July 1, 2019, we will no longer be accepting returns or exchanges on custom orders. A custom is truly a “custom piece” and was designed with YOU specifically in mind. It is more difficult to “resell” a returned custom piece as it was specifically made by your specifications and may not be what the general clientele is looking for.

Where are you LOCATED?

Ethereal Hair is located in the United States.  All currency listed on the website is in USD.


Yes, we do ship internationally as we are located in the United States.  Options and pricing for shipping internationally are listed upon checkout.  It is the buyers full responsibility to verify that human hair pieces can be imported into their country. If any shipment is returned due to customs declining the shipment for this reason, original shipping will not be refunded and any additional charges to ship the item back will also be deducted from the refund.

Can FINAL SALE items be returned or exchanged?

Final Sale items are generally stock pieces that have not sold for one reason or another within a certain timeframe.  They are of the same high quality of all other pieces listed on the website, but have been significantly reduced in order to move inventory.  For this reason, all inventory marked as Final Sale cannot be returned or exchanged.

Have Questions or Interested in a Custom Order?

Contact us through this form or via email at

We would love to hear from you! Leave a detailed message and expect a response within 24-48 hours, usually sooner.